You may not yet know what your "perfect" career is, but with inner work, dreaming and clarity, you can create a path that will get you where you want to be.

In our workshop, we will go through 7 STEPS that will take the participants to a place of a clear and connected vision for who they really are.

This workshop is for those who:

• Wait long to figure out which step to take next, but the clarity just does not come

• Feel they have a general direction, but find it difficult to make a decision out of fear of making a mistake

• Love what they do but need an energy shot and a boost of clarity

Connect Jerusalem is a municipal program for Young new Olim living in Jerusalem. A one-stop-shop for education, employment, entrepreneurial initiatives, and social connectivity between Olim and Tzabarim.

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Leah Waldman Gelband

Leah Waldman Gelband

Psychologist and Career Coach

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