An interactive workshop for job seekers who are interested in gaining and expanding their knowledge for the effective tools on LinkedIn - the biggest and the most successful platform for job searching.

This workshop suits you perfectly if you are interested in:

· Gaining basic knowledge on LinkedIn, and a deeper understanding to why it may be your most powerful and useful tool in job searching

· Building a strong profile and promoting it effectively in order to reach the companies of your interest

· Extending your knowledge on the factors that affect the recruiter's decision to invite you for the interview

· Creating a big and meaningful network

· Finding specific places for finding job: JOBS, groups and posts

Connect Jerusalem is a municipal program for Young new Olim living in Jerusalem. A one-stop-shop for education, employment, entrepreneurial initiatives, and social connectivity between Olim and Tzabarim.

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Regina Shvartsman

Regina Shvartman

Career Consultant

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